The Best of Second Thought

Check out the videos below for a primer on some of the issues I cover in my channel. This selection represents a few of my personal favorites and episodes that represent the overall message of Second Thought.

Note: Some videos are age-restricted and can only be viewed on YouTube. Clicking the thumbnail will redirect you to watch the video on YouTube. 

Socialism 101

These videos cover some of the basic tenets of Socialism. I recommend these videos if you’re looking for a good place to start. 

American Foreign Policy

America’s approach to foreign policy deserves plenty of criticism, yet receives next to none from the media. These videos cover some of the major shortcomings of America’s involvement on the global stage.

American Economics

America’s economy is often seen as the strongest in the world, but at what cost? These videos cover the American “free market” and its effects on citizens across the entire wealth spectrum.  

American Healthcare and COVID-19

COVID-19 has exposed many longstanding flaws in America’s approach to healthcare. These videos cover the COVID-19 pandemic and the broader issues with healthcare in the United States.

American Politics

America has long been regarded as the beacon of light for democracy and representative government. These videos explore that idea and expose many of the issues that limit the potential of a government by the people, for the people. 

American Domestic Policy

“The American Dream” has long been the goal for people willing to work hard to make something of themselves, but is that dream still possible? These videos cover quality-of-life issues faced by the citizens of the United States.