About Second Thought

We face serious problems – both those that we have grappled with for decades, and new problems spawned by rapidly advancing technologies which are ripe for abuse. The national conversation is no longer entirely controlled by corporate news outlets; people from across the political spectrum are finding new ways to distribute their ideas to people around the world, both democratizing the flow of information and presenting new threats in the form of appalling worldviews. Second Thought is a channel that covers these very topics, providing an independent perspective on the current events, world and domestic politics, and economic questions that rule the day. 

YouTube has a well-documented pipeline of radicalization, especially regarding extreme right-wing and easily debunked conspiracy theory channels that abuse the recommendation algorithms. While my channel started somewhat as a hobby for discussing hypotheticals and lighter topics, I eventually realized the pressing need for a channel that provides alternative viewpoints to the right-wing, hyper-capitalist view of US politics in the realm of YouTube. Second Thought is a platform designed to challenge the traditional ideas of US supremacy, capitalism as the only viable economic solution, and foreign policy that has resulted in far more casualties than anyone would care to admit. In order to become the best of who we are, we must be willing to approach each side of the argument, criticize ourselves when we are wrong, and grow from the experience. Second Thought seeks to provide the means to do so by addressing some of the greatest issues of our time. 

About Me

Born in Pennsylvania, and having moved frequently as a child, I spent most of my young life in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I attended college in Birmingham, Alabama, where I met my wife, and after school and we moved back to the DFW area where we currently live with our two dogs Bandit and Bagel. 


Despite my needlessly expensive degree, I spent a couple years working at Best Buy after college, where I first began to realize that the labor I provided the company was worth vastly more than I was paid. After watching a friend build a successful YouTube channel, I decided to try my hand at making my own. I would get home from work around 8pm, work on videos until three in the morning, then do it all again the next day. Five years and one massive content shift later, and running Second Thought is my full time job – one that feels a heck of a lot more rewarding than selling cameras.


In the future, I hope to expand Second Thought beyond YouTube, launch foreign-language versions of the channel, and produce feature-length documentaries from a leftist perspective. Thanks for stopping by!